Model B5RZ 41/36
Pipeline diameter 125mm
Max. vertical reach 40.1m
Max. horizontal distance (from center of slewing axis) 35.8m
Min. unfolding height 7.8m
Section numbers 5
1st section opening angle 90°
2nd section opening angle 180°
3rd section opening angle 180°
4th section opening angle 237°
5th section opening angle 244°
Rotating angle 370°
End hose length 4m
M41 Concrete Pump Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

N.B. This information is for guidance only. Due to fleet renewals and manufacturer’s developments the pumps supplied by Ready Micks may differ slightly from the specification outlined above. We recommend a site visit if the exact pump dimensions are critical for your pumping operation.

41m Concrete Boom Pump

M41 Concrete Pump